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When it became popular we had a family member become very interested in our family history.  Through research and many parties where a family free was present we created this Family Tree Maker file with history going back as far as we could.  Now we are handing off the reigns but with luck we will update it again soon.

StockyardsThe triangular structure in the center of the picture is the Bourbon Stock Yards.  There is a red brick building above the center of the stocky yards (Caudell Seed Company).  Across Story Ave. from the seed company is the New Klarer of Kentucky meat processing plant that was constructed from 1965 to 1969.  The Klarer family started in the meat business around 1850 in the west end of Louisville, KY.  The family home was located at the corner of Amy and Market Streets.   Theodore Klarer, a German Emigrant, would go from the home to the stock yards (Approximately 50 blocks), buy live stock, drive them down the middle of Market Street to the plant at the rear of the family home, slaughter the animals and make sausage to sell to the neighbors.  Theodore and his wife Dora  Frey had two daughters, Katrine and Lillian.  Katy married Henry Adam Broecker around 1900 and he worked for his father-in-law until Theodore’s Death in 1920.  Katy and Henry had four children, Theodore Henry, Leonard Frederick, Leo Klarer, and Dorthea Lillie.  When Henry died in 1935, the three brothers took over the business.  During and after World War Two, the brothers expand the business by buying other packing plants in the area.  By the end of the 1950’s, it became necessary to consolidate into one building and a new plant was constructed at 1200 Story Ave.  It was over 330,000 square feet and the largest plant built sense WWII and the 15th largest meat processing operation in the USA.  By the end of the 1960’s, Theodoreo and Leonard had both died and the business was sold to Armour and Company.

From left to right; unknown, Helen Franz, Patty Mueller (The wife of Theodore Mueller), Ann Krafft Broecker, Kay Broecker and Kurt Broecker.  Picture was taken in the late 1940’s, Christmas Day, at the home of Theodore and Ann Broecker, 4309 W. Broadway, Louisville, KY.  Theodore Mueller (Not in Picture) is the Great Grandmother’s Brother of T.K. Broecker (Web Master of this sight).  Theodore, Bertha and Marie Mueller were the children of Adolph Mueller & Anna Ahrens.  Anna is the Daughter of George Andreas Theodore Ahrens and Maria Christina Lohmann Ahrens.  Theodore was the founder of American Standard in Louisville Kentucky.