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We have contact…

So yesterday I ended up having a wonderful day.  I know that we spent a lot of time scanning all the old pictures ( I hope people are printing this generations, not just keeping them on their computer).  I received a wonderful email the other day.  I am not sure how this wonderful person found us be it via Google or just happened upon the site but I am very glad she did.  Her email was able to tell us who a few of the people were in a photo.  Not only that but she told me about her relative that worked for the family meat packing business.  I am hopeful that I can make contact with her in the near future.  If she is local (hey maybe if just within the state) I might just make a trip to take her to lunch and find out more.  Funny how family really brings out the best in people.

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All News is good news…

I guess we have good news in the Broecker Family.  Jackson has had a successful surgery.  That is great news.  The last family dinner was well attended.  everyone seemed to like it and I know that my wife and I are planning on returning for another meal.

Kurt and Penn Broecker family both attended the KMI reunion at KCD over the weekend.  While exhausting it seems to be a lot of fun for all involved.

More news later.

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Jackson’s Surgery

Dinner Gang:

As of 3:40pm, Thursday, Jackson is out of surgery and going GREAT.  Surgeon said it was a text book surgery.  All of the electrical connections are great.  He is in recovery for about ½ hr.  Their plan is to be home late afternoon tomorrow.

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June Dinner at Doc Crows

OK gang,  here are those who have said YES YES YES we will be there.  ANYONE ELSE ??

Bruce/Linda/ ??Megan


Brad/Carla Sue






I’ll make the reservations Monday.

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