Broecker Family


Google your name and you learn all sorts of interesting things.  Try that with a family name like “Broecker” and you are going to find all sorts of things about your family and others with the same name who might or might not be related to you.  If you think you might be related to the The Broecker Family, please contact us.  We would love to hear from you.  A short history of this branch of the Broecker Family is below.  If you want more information go to the History page.  Some information is there and if we are close download Family Tree Maker and even the Family Tree Maker file and check just how close.

The Broecker Family has been in Louisville Kentucky for a number of years.  We originally moved here from Germany but have been living here for many years.   Until the 1980s most family members stayed in the Louisville area.  In the 1980s a few of the younger members of the family started to move away and in fact many have returned.

The Broecker Family was involved with the Meat Packing industry in Louisville before the family sold the business.  After the sale of the Meat Packing Company each family member went with what interested them.  Kurt Broecker started working Commercial Construction.  Brad Broecker went to work in the entertainment industry.